Daily Greenhorn Tip #3

Today’s Tip courtesy of—-> knitty.com

We’ve all had to rip back our knitting for one reason or another.  <>  Have you ever noticed that it is seemingly impossible to rip back without causing the last stitch to be big and saggy??  One method to help with this is to weave a much smaller needle into your work just below the row you are working on.  Knit 10 rows and then move the needle back up to the row just below your working row.  This way, if you do drop a stitch or some other mistake, you can rip back to the smaller needle and start new.  The stitches are already being held.  No more stretching and pulling to get the stitched back on the needle.  Check out the link above for a more detailed explanation from Techniques with Theresa by Theresa Vinson Stenersen.

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