Slips through my fingers like feathersoft, silky lovliness…

Yesterday I pulled out one of the two balls of Cascade Yarns baby alpaca chunky and knit up my first sucessful guage swatch.  I actually got it right the first time!  I had that “this worked out too well; I must have made a mistake” moment, but am confident that I just got lucky.  Actually let’s rephrase-I managed to do a good guage swatch.  Let’s give me some credit.  🙂  Anywho…the yarn is a dream.  As a beginner, I have only worked up scarves in wool blends (good stuff, but no baby alpaca.)  After a few visits to my local yarn shops, my eyes have been open to the beautiful world of fine yarn.  I started knitting up my Sideways Grande Hat (from Boutique Knits) and was in love with the way the fabric draped over my fingers even with only a few rows completed.  I’m on my way to a beautfiul hat!


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