Daily Greenhorn Tip #5

Sometimes a knitting mistake is so miniscule that it isn’t worth knitting back or unraveling to fix. However, there will be times when even the tiniest mistake stands out like a sore thumb. Trust me. I know.

Fixing a Mistake Without Unraveling
A few days back, while watching a movie with Branden, I made a purl when I was suppose to knit. >>tisk tisk tisk<< Fortunately for me it was on the wrong side of the fabric and is not noticeable, but I must admit I came very close to unraveling all the way (about six rows) back to fix the mistake. Had I decided to do this I would have been sorry for wasting the time because I just happened across a great video from knittinghelp.com that shows you exactly how to AVOID unraveling. (Keep in mind: if it is a mistake in increase or decrease stitches it is necessary to unravel.)


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