Knitting the worries away…

Knitting Zen
Since I have embraced this diverting hobby, I have noticed that it’s a great stress reliever.  This may be common knowledge to most knitters, but it is very good news for me.  Teaching is quite satisfying and fulfilling, but it can come with its own boatload of stresses.  Coming home, cooking something tasty, settling into a warm cup of tea, and knitting helps to alleviate this stress and is super rewarding.  I find that a great session of knitting, whether during a movie or with headphones listening to Pandora radio, helps me to empty my thoughts and slip into a cozy frame of mind.  All anxiety is literally forgotten for that time.  I  must admit that I have looked into procedures such as accupuncture for relaxation.  But why tiny little pricking needles when I can just pick up a pair of perfectly soothing knitting needles??  Food for thought.
Today in class my fourth graders were coming up with synonyms for their vocabulary words.  A group of students came to pastimes and declared “hobbies” as a suitable synonym (right they were!).  The kids looked up at me and smiled, “Ms. Andrews-your pastime is knitting-we remember the cool scarf you made for Mr. Earl!”  I chuckled and nodded.  Yep-I knit.  And with that, I felt a certain element of pride.  So all in all, knitting is theraputic AND good for the ego.  Keep on knitting ladies and gents!  Let’s make this as relaxing a year as we can–with bunches and bunches of great hand knits!

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