Daily Greenhorn Tip #7

Greenhorn Tip courtesy of Wenlan Chia from Twinkle’s Weekend Knits!

I came across this tip during a random pattern search.  Very interesting.

Suppose you lose the label for a ball of yarn and you aren’t sure of the fiber content-NEVER YOU FEAR!  Put your nose to the test.  Yarn fibers vary, so their burning smell will vary as well.  So…next time your are unsure about the fibers, take a lighter to the end of your yarn and smell away.  Here is what you  may smell:

Acrylic:  burning plastic (go figure)
Silk:  Burning hair
Wool:  sheep (who knew  😉 )
Cotton:  a burning candle wick
Bamboo:  a barbecue skewer from the grill

There you have it!  The smell test to determining your fibers.

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