moss green cables and turtleneck dreams…

This may seem like a lofty goal for a beginner, but I am going to knit this sweater.  I have the pattern, and after looking over the schematic, I’m pretty confident that I can handle it.  I absolutley love this color, and haven’t seen a chunky cabled turtleneck this cute in….maybe ever!  Check it out here.  BTW: If you like this and are of normal financial means-like me, don’t expect to buy the Andina yarn by Lang.  The pattern calls for 17 balls for a small size.  Each ball runs $25.  That makes this a $425 sweater.  Takes the fun right out of the project.  I found a really great substitute here (same fiber content, same gauge) for only $12/ball!


  1. Lindsay


    I don't think I've ever used the recommended yarn for a pattern… designers have too endless a supply of sponsors who shove expensive yarns their way. No way can normal people afford that.


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