back and in full effect…

I have had a very busy week.  The week following a Staff Development day is always hectic.  Thank goodness it’s the weekend.  Next week will be less busy and I now have some time to tend to my blog.  Anyhow, I am now working on the Meret beret from Ravelry.  It was a mystery knit a while back and there is a really great discussion post that walks you through the whole process here.  I really love this pattern and can’t wait to see how the lacy texture will turn out.  I am also working on a hat for my man.  I just bought this really great book by Erika Knight called Men’s Knits and in it I found some really fabulous knits!  The hat I am working on is the striped beanie.  It has a really nice roll edge and varigated stripe that looks classy. 

BTW:  I updated my queue on ravelry.  I think my eyes may be bigger than my fingers!  At least I’ll be busy with some great projects!

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