my new "blueberry" beret…the kind you find in a second hand store… ;)

It’s hard not to quote Prince here.  Anywho, here it is!  The mystery beret from Ravelry.  I am so pleased with the way  it turned out.  The pattern gives repeats for slouchy and extra slouchy, but I chose to go about making it without any extra repeats.  I’m really glad that I did, because it is certainly slouchy enough.  Especially now that I have so little hair!

Doesn’t the “starish” design give just the right amount of whimsy?? I just love it! >>>proud sigh<<< Here is the pattern! Give it a shot–perhaps with a nice bamboo blend for spring! Happy February!
By the way…here I am with my new chop!  I went a little shorter than I originally planned, to give it some grow out time.  Thanks Neil at Ulta Salon in Costa Mesa, CA! 
Think Natalie Portman in Darjeeling Limited.  Yay!

I just have a much bigger forehead..hehe!


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