a ‘fetching’ new project…

I’ve decided to put off the Swan Lake whimple until track break…it will take some seriouse focus on my part and I frankly don’t have enough of that with testing at school and preparation for the break.  However, I did begin a new project. 

I foound these fingerless mittens on Ravelry during one of my late night stints of pattern browsing.  (again my eyes are bigger than my knitting needles right now…).  I love the tightly cabled cuff and ribbed texture.  I’m making mine with a bamboo/wool blend.  As a matter of fact, I was cruising Joanns a while back and happened on this yarn on an end cap.  Typically, when shopping big craft stores, I avoid the end cap yarn, but this time I lucked out! The yarn is called “Bamboo Ewe” and its by Debbie Stoller, the author of Stitch ‘N Bitch.  She also has an alpaca, and peruvian wool.  No acrylic here.  Next time you stop by a Joanns, check it out.  I reckon you’ll like what you find.  Anywho…here is the pattern for the Fatching fingerless mitts.


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