There comes a time when even knitting is a chore…

On Thursay, Feb. 17 I was noticing some very bad abdominal pains.  I tried pepto and ginger ale, but nothing seemed to work.  Finally, on Friday, I had my mom take me to the ER.  After bloodwork, CT scans, etc. it was determined that I had a ruptured appendix (I’m guessing that’s how you spell it).  This makes sense because the pain was terrible.  After the CT scan and results, I waited for about 3 hours to have the opperation.  Afterwards, I was settled into a room and given a diet of ice chips and sips of water.  Big time!  Anyhow, I have this computer/TV and wireless keyboard in my room.  I can surf the web and watch movies!  My nurse actually recommended that I look up a periscopic appendectomy on youtube…not so sure about that.  Well, hope you are all having a great weekend ( do some carefree knitting for me).  Should be back at the needles in about a week. 


  1. Kristin

    Oh noes! 😦
    Glad to hear you nipped it in the bud and are doing OK.
    And yes, I'd hold off on the YouTube periscopic appendectomy vids 'til you're fully recovered… especially the DIY ones. 😉
    Get well soon!!!


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