a diamond in the rough

On a recent, post-op trip to the Hoover Dam (Doc says I should get out and be active…) my mom and I came across one hell of a yarn shop.  Nestled cozily in the heart of Boulder City, Nevada’s antique “district” lies a craft store—the name escapes me at the moment.  The store was boxy and resides in an antiquated retail complex perhaps 40-50 years old.  Yes-allow those images of the quaint little yarn store you frequent each Saturday to slip away.  This was not your average knit shop.  Let me explain:
As you open the glass door between two protruding glass display windows, bells jingle and the overwhelming aroma of age and must is nearly unsettling.  The store is disheveled and unkempt.  Craft supplies pour from the walls and shelves, peeking out from around nooks and crannies created by leaning craft books and boxes of fabrics and linings.  Nothing seems truly organized, but the pleasant old woman sitting on a small wicker bench near the back greets you with a welcoming smile, letting you know that she is open for business.  She is knitting–socks from the looks of it—and is completely surrounded by yarn, magazines, books, knitting needles, boxes of buttons, and any other indiscriminate objects you may find in a craft store.  It is amazing.  But the best part lay just beyond the lady and her wicker perch.  In a backroom, which appeared to be off limits, but fortunately was not, were stored boxes and boxes, shelves, and shelves of yarn.  Nothing was organized, but everything was accessible.  She told us to snoop through whatever we like.  Take our time and have fun.  We did indeed.  Beautiful, vibrant skeins of yarn were everywhere-bulging from boxes and hanging over shelves.  I would have never guessed that such a place would hide such treasures.  Needless to say, I made some purchases.  Lesson learned here:  Never judge an old craft store by its initial impression…they may just surprise you. 


  1. Sue

    Will have to look for it on my next trip out that way. I did find 2 places on google that might be it…Goatfeathers and Craft Cottage. Both are on Wyoming Ave.


  2. Kristin

    Woohoo! So glad to hear you're out and about after the surgery. That yarn shop sounds AMAZING! I love any store that makes you feel like you're snooping through your grandmother's basement.


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