Be back soon…

Weddings are hard to plan. Understatement of the year. Needless to say, my mom and I are planning my wedding from scratch with the help of my MOH and future mother in law. I have been so consumed with planning,researching, planning, etc. that I have found little time and energy to begin a new project. Not only that, but the rushed–almost frantic–knit for Jess and Ty for their shower (a slouchy alpaca beanie and fetching fingerless mits in five days-which came out perfectly and much loved)has made me desire a short knit break. Not for long though. I have two skeins of lush cashmere Tahki Stacy Charles waiting to be knit into my mom’s lace shawl for Ty and Jess’ wedding mid April. I’ll be starting this this week. Wish me luck. This is my first attempt at knitting with such a fine yarn.   BTW: here are some pictures of Jess’s berry red fetching mitts:

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