Long fringe, short fringe, no fringe…?

Over a steaming cup of coffee and giant bowls of oatmeal, my mom and I were discussing knitting and the ins and outs of knitting for men.  Do they like scarves?  Sure.  Would they prefer more muted colors or dark hues over brights and whites?  Perhaps.  What about fringe?  Short, long, none?  Hmmmm…good question!  I looked through a few of my books that have men’s knits and found a mix of long, short, and non existent.  There’s also the question of long or short scarf in general.  I think I am more apt to say that the longer the scarf, the better for both a man and woman.  However, I think age also plays a part in this style preference.  Anywho…the questions really started because my mom is knitting a beautiful mohair/wool/alpaca (three strands together) scarf and has finished 61 inches.  We were wondering if the scarf should be longer or if fringe would do the job.  Also, if she relied on the fringe to pick up the rest of the length, would it be long fringe or short fringe.  Dad says short, but Dad is conservative and clean cut.  Tyler is not conservative (however clean cut) and likes a bit more edgy look.  Soo…what do you think?  I’m curious to embark on the great fringe debate and see what comes of it.

P.S.  I just asked Branden (my hubby) and he said long fringe or no fringe.  Hmmm…very interesting.

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