the morgan…a gift for Dad…

I started working on this pattern, the Morgan, about a week ago.  I knew it would be challenging, but challenges have helped me learn new techniques.  So far this project has taught me to:

  • short rows
  • provisional cast on
  • creating faux piping by knitting into the “great grandmother” stitch below

I can’t wait to finish it tonight!  Pa will love it.  I mean, what do you knit for the man who has everything and doesn’t wear mittens, scarves, or beanies?  A morgan!

*In the picture, you can see the red waste yarn.  When I first started to knit this hat (knitting from the center and increasing out with two dpns) I noticed a little “nipple” like protrusion at the very apex of the crown.  It wasn’t going to fly, so that’s where the provisional cast on came in.  I can now remove the waste yarn and thread the yarn through to tighten the top.  Viola!

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