…a handmade Christmas…

I couldn’t have asked for a more special Christmas.  Family, friends, great food, and classic gifts to give.  Many handmade.  I feel that when the holidays come around, meaning and care get stripped from giving because many of the gifts have been requested, and are expected.  Sure, this is an important part of the gift giving holiday (we cannot expect people to be mind readers, can we?) but I think it is truly heart warming to receive a hand made gift, that took time, effort, and love.  Here are a few of the handmade gifts exchanged at my family Christmas:

 My mom made Branden and I the most wonderful scrapbooks of our engagement and wedding.  Beautiful.  Simply beautiful.

I found this pattern in Knit Simple.  Here is a link to a similar pattern.  Super adorable-super quick!


I knit Jessica an owl brooch….because I give a hoot…  🙂  I did this one on a size 10.5 needle with worsted yarn.

The Morgan for Dad.  He looks so handsome!
This hat has been the most challenging
piece so far.  See my next post for my review of the pattern.

 I knit Jessica a version of the Pip Squeak Chapeau neck warmer from the pattern by ellybeth.  Love it, but wish I bound off more loosely.  Anyhow, it looks great on her!

The top edge will stretch and begin to curl like the bottom.


Mom knit me a luscious purple cowl that is softer than  butter!
Mmmm mmm good!


A cute banana yellow scarf from Mom with a fancy mohair fringe!
Ty’s oatmeal ribbed scarf using Wool-Ease Thick and Quick by Lion Brand!
I love how luxurious this looks and feel
This yellow infinite scarf was knit by my mom for my brother Tyler.  (pictured is my husband; Tyler was busy playing ping pong with Dad.  🙂 )

Mom knit another wonderful scarf for Jessica.  She’s a pro at scarves of
many different fibers!

This sign was designed and carved by Dad.  This picture does it no justice, but the sign is super shiny and a beautiful maple wood color.  It reads:

the Earls & Oscar (Oscar is our cat-shown here as a fat black cat!  🙂 )

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