run, greenhorn, run!

Hi all!  Hope your new year is turning out righ thus far!  I have to say, going back to work after a two week Christmas vacay is very difficult.  This week was all about getting back into teaching mode, and unfortunately I didn’t pull off much knitting.  Thankfully, the end of the week is here and I now feel that I am back in my swing!  Time to finish my cozy sweater

Anywho, to kick off the new year my husband, sister in law, and my brother are running in the Big Baz 12K (7.5 Miles) trail race in the Cleveland National Forrest in Southern California.  Woo hoo!  WIsh me luck!  I can’t wait to give the update when it’s all set and done tomorrow.  Oh, I am also planning on hitting up the local Costa Mesa yarn shop, Suzoos Wool Works after the run!  Nothing like a good, long run and a bit of wool to make the day complete. 
Me after my first trail run (9K) in the Santa Monica mountains in November of last year.


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