"Not All Who Wander…

…are Lost”  -JRR Tolkien

Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time has noticed the strange frequency of my blog posts.  Full on in the winter and fall, tapering off to a drip of meandering posts in the Spring, and nearly nothing in the summer.  I find that sometimes I may stow away my needles and pursue other hobbies.  Does that mean I should stop posting about the things I am doing?  I think not!  Here’s to my new outlook on blogging!  The Greenhorn Knitter is expanding her horizons.  From now on, I may post about great designs, fashion, DIY (such a popular blog theme), knitting, crafting, travel, and such.  Consider it a blog about the spice in my life!  So, stick around!  I may be on to something.


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