"If you’re going to San Francisco (or anywhere for that matter), be sure to wear…

(silk) flowers in your hair…”

Having short hair is great!  No fuss, no muss, no need for high maintenance styling.  However, accessorizing ideas seem limited.  That’s why I have fully embraced the oversized flower “hats.”  (I like to call them hats because they remind me of those adorable mini hats that they put on little street performing monkeys–and we’re moving on…)  I have seen so many great ones out there:

I couldn’t help but notice how easy these would be to make!  I have always loved going to craft stores and snooping through their pretty artificial flowers, but I’ve never really had any need for them until now.  It is super easy to have your own oversized (or undersized, or normal sized) flower pin for very little money and time; especially if you hit up the clearance floral bins!  Most stores will actually give you the decapitated little buds lying on the ground.  (cough…Michael’s…cough).  
My most recent pick of future hair accessories!  I love the leopard print lily.

And remember!  These flowers make great pins for clothing.  Here are a few I whipped up in the last week:

I will post a tutorial on how to make a hair pin/corsage soon!

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