…a desperate girl’s attempt…

…to make a suitable dinner (while her husband works late) with an extremely limited pantry and fridge.

Today was a busy day:  selling text books online, editing vacation photos, catching up on post vacation chores, washing my bug encrusted car, spending some time with my folks, fitting in a 4 mile run, and losing myself in some reruns of Sex and the City.  Then, I realize that I’m hungry-really hungry-and hadn’t had lunch.  I sat in front of my fridge waiting for a ready meal to materialize, I perused my canned food and soup collection hoping for a gem to pop out, I even considered Golden Grahams (which wouldn’t have been all that bad by any means, but I wanted something warm and savory)all this in a ravenous haste.  Finally, I Rachel Ray’d some cream of chicken soup, Heart Healthy Bisquik, canned peas, and cheddar cheese to the counter.  I whipped up a batch of simple dumplings with a cup of Bisquik and half a cup milk, heated up the soup with half a can of peas, and a handful of cheddar cheese.  Then the dumplings were dropped into the mix.  I watched the dumplings expand in the creamy and cheesy broth with mouth watering anticipation.  It smelled super yummy and looked pretty amazing.  I spooned a heaping helping into a big bowl and shoveled it down with another side of Carrie Bradshaw.  (I had a build up of Sex and the City on my DVR 🙂 )  It was delicious!

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