Domestic Renewal: Breathing life into tired, old decor…

Remember second grade when you made Mom special gifts with macaroni?  I loved those crafts!  However, I can’t help but think that my macaroni art skills have far surpassed those of my “early years” of crafting.  Introducing the Gilded Farfalle Picture Frame.  A super easy craft that costs less than $10 and looks super chic!

thrift store picture frame-$1
bag of farfalle pasta-$1.50
metallic gold spray paint-$6.99
glue gun

Glue pasta to the frame in a slanted pattern.  This allows you to wedge the pasta together and cover more space.  If unpleasant gaps turn up, use broken pieces of the pasta to camoflauge the holes.

Then spray with a heavy coat of gold paint! et voila!

You can even snaz-up the light switch!


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