Greenhorn tip #10: When it’s time to unwind….

…only not in a good way.  More like in a rip back through your knitting kind of way.

So I started working on the Berroco Sarkis bag last November, but had to put the project on hold to get some selfless, holiday knitting going.  I got so busy in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and making sure I had a project for nearly everyone on my list, that I completely forgot about my Sarkis.  About two days ago, I was going through my in progress bag and came across the pattern and yarn, still snug on the needles.  (In addition to this project, I also pulled out my unfinished Cozy sweater…I know, I know)  Anyhow, since school is still a month away, and I have some selfless knitting time, I decided to jump back in to this sweet little project.  (Perfect color for fall, by the way!)  After perusing the pattern and checking my stitch counter with furrowed brow, I finally decided that I had the repeats and increases figured out.  Not problem, right?  WRONG!  I was completely off on my rows.  The number on my counter was the completed row, not the future row.  Not only that, but I forgot to add my increase to both edges, not just the first edge.  I had to rip the whole thing back.  (I hadn’t gotten very far..but still.)  SO FRUSTRATING!  And the worst part?  It was all my fault!

Greenhorn tip:  Keep a small notebook in your knitting bag so that you can write a detailed description of the status of your in-progress projects, just in case you have to stow it away for a while.  The stitch counters certainly do not tell all!  Trust me.  This is not the first time this has happened to me.  I’m sure that now that I know better, I will be less likely to “take my time to unwind.”  Happy knitting greenhorns!

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