Domestic Upgrades on a Budget

When I moved in to my first apartment, I bought two sets of dining chairs from a thrift store.  They were old, tired, and had the most hideous paint and upholstery!  One set was blue black with leopard!  Anyhow, I bought some grass green paint and fabric with a vintage floral pattern to spruce them up.  That was about 5 years ago and now I feel that its time for an update.  Here is my update on a budget:


4 dining chairs (thrift stores sell them for as little as $8 a piece!)
4 cans of 2x cover spray paint in desired color-$12
2 yards of pretty fabric-If you’re thrifty, you can get the fabric for as little as $6.  I did!
Depending on the previous coat of paint, you may need primer.  I used 2 bottles-$6
Total:  $56 for some snazzy new dining chairs!

Here’s my before and after:



Another bit of upgrading to help me with the vacuuming!  This idea may be of some help to you as well.
I bought some threaded stem casters at Lowes, hoping they would make moving my super heavy ottoman much easier.  Fortunately my ottoman has little feet that screw in, so the casters could just replace the feet.  However, if you don’t have feet on you ottoman, you can purchase the type of casters that can be attached using screws and a drill.



Ahhh!  Now a simple push and it’s out of the way!


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