breakfast for dinner

Delish, no?  Oh, it certainly was.  Yesterday, after a busy and strenuous time of moving our friends into a new place, and shortly following a giant (and most likely obnoxious) cannonball into the pool, we and our great friends Travis, Jaclyn, Carl, and Celeste enjoyed a fabulously heaping pile of waffles, homemade syrup, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, and chocolate chip cookies.  It was a great way to celebrate a new home for our friends Jaclyn and Travis as well as great friends!  
As we unwound, us girls started playing with decor.  We leveled, hammered, and hung things around the house, and I soon started to see a trend in our design tastes.  I would like to share some of these ideas with you.  They are simple; nothing especially new, but super cute.
I have found that sometimes people overload their shelves with a surplus of small picture frames.  Though it is not unacceptable to place small picture frames on shelves, I feel that this collage approach adds immediate interest to the room, and solves the problem of too many picture frames and nowhere to put them.  If you have a relatively sparse wall and nothing large enough to place there, as well as a bunch of small framed pictures in various colors, start collaging.  There’s no pattern, just have fun. 
One idea that Celeste had was to choose one central piece and work around that.  Here, Jaclyn has a very interesting piece that was given to her from her grandma.
Another idea for accessorizing your memories is using a kitschy knic knac that ties in with the photograph or artwark on display.  Here, Jaclyn has a photo of a boat in a harbor.  We decided that the wooden mariner would be perfect standing near this photo.   It draws your eye and makes this photo that much more interesting.

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