Welcome home, Doily!

There are some classic style elements that need to make a comeback: men wearing classic hats (this is coming back!), macrame, wearing Sunday’s best on more than just Sunday, women wearing classic hats, and doilies as house warming gifts!  Nothing says “happy homecoming” like a sweet knitted doily in a warm color.  I hope that this flower doily does just that for my best friend’s house warming!  
I chose to knit this in worsted weight wool to use up some leftover stash yarn, but the pattern calls for tiny needles and crochet thread.  I love the chunkier looking doily myself, but both are beautiful.  Here are some new tricks that I learned from this project:
  • knitting multiple times into one stitch
  • casting off with a scaloped edge
  • how to starch a doily-I used spray starch and pressed the doily with the iron set on steam and a towel over the wool.
A thought upon finishing:

Sometimes our opportunities are presented to us much like an unstarched doily: great potential, beautiful future, but not without a little “starching” from us.  Don’t expect opportunities to serve themselves on a silver platter-perfectly ours.  Be prepared to take some action to make them truly yours.  Happy knitting!

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