Housewarming Capture-the-Keys Game

Today, I am helping my best friend host her house warming party.  I am in charge of the games for the evening.  Although it isn’t common to play games at a house warming party, I feel that it certainly helps break the ice and allows people to interact more easily.  The games I have planned are Pictionary with a large white board and easel and Capture-the-Keys.  The latter is a game similar to the well-known baby shower game where you must avoid saying certain names or words or else your Mardis Gras beads are captured by another guest.  The guest with the most beads at the end of the party wins a small prize!  I really love this game and wanted to include something similar at my friend’s party.  
To make the game more fitting for a housewarming, I collected some old keys of different sizes and shapes.  You can find keys at antique markets or garage sales.
I then strung all of the keys and stretched the string between two tie-offs in order to give them all a quick base coat of spray paint.  I had some gold leftover from my gold sconces.
After giving the keys a quick spray, I touched up the parts covered by the string.
After the keys dried (they dry super fast!) I snipped lengths of red yarn, about 15 inches, and strung each key onto each length of yarn.

Et Voila!  Perfect little necklaces for Capture-the-Key at a housewarming party!  What’s more, you can reuse the keys after the party to make a charming little wind chime or piece of unique decor!  Stay posted!


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