Summer vacation has come and gone and now it is time for me to become a working professional once again.  Reality is setting in and I am now stepping foot back into the role of a fourth grade teacher.  I am excited and ready for the new year!  
Yesterday I visited my classroom for the first time since early June.  It is completely clean with the fresh smell of carpet cleaning solution.  My walls are empty and all of my furniture is sitting in the center of the room.  To a teacher, this clean slate is glorious!  Every year is different in some small way, and it is best to be able to start with a new perspective on your classroom space before each new batch of kiddos walks in.  Though I did not stay to begin redesigning my room, I did pack several pedagogy books and teachers’ guides into my cart to take home.  It is now planning time.  I love this part of August because I get to focus on my long range plans for the first trimester without the burden of other school work such as grading.  I can lay out all of my resources, strewing them over the kitchen table, and work until the cows come home–or my lovely husband.  I hate to overwhelm him with my heaping library of teacher books all over the dining area; the most distinct evidence of the August hustle and bustle. He is so understanding of my sense of urgency though, and I love him for that.
Anyhow, it is that time.  Fortunately I have made some progress on my Berroco Sarkis.  It still does not resemble a bag, but it will!  I am also planning on filling the craft/knitting void with some great classroom before and after photos and posts regarding August in the life of a teacher.  Please stay posted!

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  1. Anonymous

    it is amazing how many books can be stacked before they come tumbling down! your new kids will be blessed to have you for their new fourth grade teacher.


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