Knitting to the rescue!

For some, when things become a tight knot of stress and anxiety, they turn to exercise, travel, baking, eating, and family among others.  For me, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.  But like many of you out there in ‘knit blog land’, it is times like these that bring out the needles and wool to comfort and sooth with a soft hand, gentle rhythm, and the satisfaction of a fabulously cozy piece.

For me, knitting brings the sense of control that we so often need to feel at times when the things we worry about the most are out of our control.  The yarn moves, twists, and loops just for me.  I control the fabric and when I am finished I revel in my own little masterpiece.  What could be more satisfying?

A few quick and comfy completed projects:

Lara’s Cowl is such a simple and cozy pattern.  This has fast become my favorite piece.  It goes with everything!

The Shroom Beret, with Spud and Chloe (amazing!), makes for a perfect go to on a crisp, autumn day.

The Icing Swirl hat by Ysolda Teague.  Lovely, but definitely requires a ribbed brim.  

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