Knitting History Bit #1: Wartime Knitting

Who would dare presume that a wholesome, innocent knitter would have the cunning and know-how to spy on an enemy’s military?  Not many.  That is why “Old Mom Rinker” of Philadelphia, a figure of patriotism during the Revolutionary War, and a knitter of copious military garments, was able to glean important military intelligence from the British soldiers drinking at her tavern.  “Rinker” would stuff notes to General Washington in her balls of yarn, wonder up on to a cliff outside of town, and wait for the general’s troops to pass along below.  As they would pass, she would casually nudge a ball of yarn over the cliff edge, landing at the feet of the passing men.  A soldier would pick it up and rush it to General Washington.

From Knitting for Peace:  Make the World a Better Place One Stitch at a Time by Betty Christiansen

Sneaky knitters, we.  Happy knitting!

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