Greenhorn tip #11: How’s your join?

As a new(ish) knitter, I am all too familiar with jumping the gun on a new in-the-round pattern.  I find something adorable to knit, snatch up some sumptuous fiber, and find that I do not have the needle size or cord length it calls for.  I check the clock, throw on some shoes, and hit up my local Michael’s or Joanns.  Even though these places are some of my most frequented spots, they tend to lack in the circular needle department.Anywho, I rush in and find the circular in the size I need, throwing caution to the wind about quality.  Once I get home and begin knitting, I start fumbling with the needles because they constantly snag my yarn right where the needle meets the wire.  This connection is called the join and it can make or break your sanity while knitting.

For my Greenhorn Tip #11:  Check the “join” of the needles before committing them to the project.  Granted, you can always return them, but who wants to transfer needles once they’ve started?  Be sure the join is smooth and free of exposed edges.  Even some of the most fancy interchangeables, like my Addi clicks, tend to snag.

Here is my recommendation for a great set of interchangeable needles by Knit Picks.  I especially like the Harmony Wood.

Hope this helps!  Keep posted for the next Greenhorn Tip.  Happy knitting all!


  1. the greenhorn knitter

    Hi Monica! I use the Addi clicks, which are great, but their joins do tend to snag just a bit. I have tried the Knit Picks Harmony Wood Circulars and I love them. They also have a nickle plated set and an acrylic set that are also great. I would certainly recommend any of these. I know I'm asking for the full set for Christmas. Hope this helps. Happy knitting!


  2. Anonymous

    Addi clicks are expensive so I am surprised they have this snagging problem. Have you looked into the company to see if they have a warranty and back their product. Thank you for your advice.


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