A few new things…

Last weekend, my mom and I took a drive out to St. George (about 2 hours east of Las Vegas) to check out some local shops and to just get away for a bit.  One of the shops we came across was called Tai Pan Trading Company.  Wow!  This place was huge and had everything from home lighting and kitchenware, to handbags and accessories.  Not to mention, the prices were extremely reasonable.

Anyhow, I have been in the market for a new knitting bag and luck would have it that I found the perfect one at Tai Pan Trading Company.

Cute huh?

Plenty of room for my notions bag (which is pretty big) and at least two projects.  The WIP you see is an XL cardigan for my Mister.

Expansion zippers!

Outside pockets perfect for holding magazines, patterns, needle cases, etc.

I love the color and the metal details.

During my visits to other blogs, I have noticed other knitters discussing the tools they keep in their notions bags.  I love reading about this.  It reminds me of those columns in fashion magazines where they dump a celebrity’s purse to peruse the items she hauls around.  Well, here goes:

Yes.  Two tubes of chap stick.  A bit of an addiction.  The green and white tube is Peppermint Oil lip balm from Trader Joes.  Seriously,some of the best lip balm around.
I love these vintage sewing scissors.  And a must have for me, the crystal nail  file.  Who wants to snag yarn on  rough nails?

What’s in your notions bag?


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