Great Balls of Color!

I’m usually not one to purchase things from the Internet, partly because I am and instant gratification sort of person, but yarn is so different.  First of all, the yarn stores in my area only have a limited supply of the yarns that I love to use or that I would love to use, and second of all, there are very few simple pleasures that give me the same satisfaction as waiting for a package full of beautiful yarn to come.  To be completely truthful, it’s yarn and bills that keep me going to the mailbox from day to day.  (Of course those cards from family and friends are also much loved!)  So, needless to say, when I received my bundle of Artesano 100% alpaca DK in five amazing colors, I was like the kid in the Christmas Story waiting for his Little Orphan Annie Secret Circle decoder pin to grace his mailbox.  Especially because these new fibers were going to be used in my very first Fair Isle hat!  The lovely Naledi by Tanis Gray.

I immediately got started on my swatch!  I couldn’t wait to watch the colors come together.
I’ve also been spending some time on my Broken Rib Cardigan by Debbie Bliss.
Even though this cardigan is turning out to be very nice, my favorite part is that, with the yarn substitution, it’s going to cost me $150 less!  Instead of Debbie Bliss Como, I used Pattons Pure Wool Roving in dark grey.


  1. Rachael Rabbit

    Something wonderfully christmasy about Fair Isle patterns don't you think. I get all my yarn off the internet too – it allows you to shop for the best prices and I often find stores have a limited supply of certain yarns.


  2. Voolenvine

    Love the color combo of that alpaca– the fibre looks so yummy! Also, I salute your ability to knit a sweater / cardi in pieces. Something I have yet to accomplish. It's going to look A-MAYZIN! 😀


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