Loose ends…

Now, I have been told that my ambitious and type A personality could lead to the tendency to start many projects and actually finish only a few.  Yes this tends to happen, however, since I started knitting almost three years ago, I have seen most of my projects through to the last woven-in strand.  But when it comes to knitting for others, I am quite the perfectionist.  After all, I want to give the best I can to the people I love.  Indeed, handmade gifts have that handmade charm with minor flaws and such (even though I try to avoid such flaws), but when the design and fit is just not “perfect”, I tend to want to try something new.  As you may have noticed from my last post, I started knitting the Plain Talk Ruffled Mittens from Boutique Knits.  This pattern is adorable, don’t get me wrong, but after finishing one mitt, I realized that I (thinking of my mom-who would be receiving these mitts) wanted something more….textured.  {{Shrugging my shoulders with a “I know, I know” smirk}}  Yes, I will be finishing these some day, but not for Christmas.  Oh well.  This mitt has come along cute though, huh?

So, I decided on the Leaf Mittens from the Fall 2011 issue of Vogue Knitting.

I really like these, and they have all the texture to show off!  Of course, because these are for my mom and she is super special, I needed to do them in a super special color.  The yarn the pattern calls for is The Fiber Company Canopy Worsted, but being the yarn substitut”er” that I am, I found an amazing periwinkle color in Debbie Stoller’s Bamboo Ewe.

I also visited my LYS and picked up a few new skeins to stash away for a “knit for me” day.  🙂  
I have never knit with Brown Sheep Company yarn and have heard good things about Lamb’s Pride Worsted.  Plus this color is great!
I am also obsessed with Cashmerino, and wanted to try something in a DK weight.  This navy is also lovely.  I’m thinking some mittens.  I think I have caught the mitten bug!
And as for holiday knitting, I am making progress on my man’s cardigan.  I’ve been told a few times now that I am “ballsy” for trying a cardigan in pieces.  I thought it was funny, because I never thought it to be a daunting task…ignorance is bliss and all.  So, I am hoping that it all turns out ok.  I studied up on sweater knitting before casting on, so all should come out nicely.  We’ll see.  Hmmm…should I buy Branden a back-up gift just in case?  Hehe…nah!  🙂
I know.  It looks huge, huh?  Well I chose to knit the XL because Branden is 6’5” and most larges aren’t long enough in the sleeve and body department.  It may be roomy, but I’m sure it will be super comfy.  Happy knitting all!  


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