Greenhorn Tip #12 For the buggy eyed knitters among us…

I would love to have eyes that can look across a row of stitches on a knitting chart and memorize them, but like many of you, I can not.  I am also unable to look at a massive chart and immediately locate the row I am working–especially if that row is an even row since they typically do not number these on the chart.  Therefore, when I started knitting this pattern (Leaf Mittens) my eyes starting to go buggy on me.  The project was taking so long because I had to constantly look down and refocus on my row and stitch.  BLEH!  So, enter the highlighter.  Yes-it requires you to stop and highlight a the end of each row, but it certainly made my knitting go much smoother and saved time in the long run.  I already mark all over the pattern as I go, noting increase rounds, marking even row numbers, and such–what’s a little color going to hurt?  Definitely not my already mediocre eyes.  
Greenhorn Tip:  Use a highlighter to mark the charted row on which you are currently working.  This allows you to glance down at the chart, which can sometimes be long and visually overwhelming, and locate your position in the work.  When you finish, the whole chart will be highlighted, so if you choose to knit the same pattern again, just use a different color or make several copies of the pattern.  I like to make copies of all of my knitting patterns so they can bee nicely folded up and placed in the Ziplocs with the project, and it also keeps my knitting magazines and books in good shape.


  1. collegeknitting

    I do this on complicated charts, too! But if it's something that I think I'll knit again, or if it's in book and I haven't made a copy of it yet, I use the little post-it tabs that are sort of see-through to mark my row. That way there's nothing permanent, and I can easily look through them if I have to go back. And the sticky part is pretty strong, so you can use them plenty of times!


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