And we made merry…

For the Christmas holiday, my husband Branden, my mom, dad, and I drove up to Logan, Utah to visit my aunt and uncle.  My brother Tyler and my sister in law Jessica moved to Barcelona in February and would not be here this Christmas, for, in my brother’s case, the first time.  I thought traveling to visit family would be a nice way to fill the void.  It certainly was.  The weather was crisp and cold, the little town of Logan was all decked out for Christmas, and my aunt and uncle warmly welcomed us into their home with open arms, delicious treats and a warm fire.   How was your holiday?  Hope all was and is well.

As for the wonders of gift giving and receiving, there were many.  I finally finished the Leaf Mittens for my mom at 1:00 AM Christmas Morning.  (It’s truly just like me.)  Here are a few photos to showcase the mittens.

Unfortunately, Branden’s Broken Rib Cardigan was not finished in time.  However, he did not go empty handed.  He and I are traveling to Boston in June for our anniversary so I bought our tickets to watch the Red Sox play at Fenway Park.  Merry Christmas to both of us really!  I also included with his gift a little box that held a preview of his sweater.

I will be posting pictures of the sweater WIP soon.
I also receive some delicious yarn for Christmas!  Three skeins of hand dyed wool/alpaca from Araucania.  This yarn is so soft and sumptuous-I just can’t wait to cast on!
Here’s to a Happy New Year and Happy Knitting!

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