My Knit Nook

I really can only speak for myself here, but something tells me I’m not alone.  I have a yarn problem.  I covet it, obsess over it, crave it, and buy it.  Even if I don’t need it or have a pattern for which to use it.  Needless to say, I have a bunch of it.  Skeins, hanks, balls…expensive, cheap, middle of the road.  It doesn’t matter.  If it strikes my fancy, I have to have it………OK.  So I’ve admitted my problem.  That’s the first step right?  Well, I’m not sure what the next step is supposed to be, but for me it would be having a beautiful nook for showcasing all of the yarn I so love.  I’ve mentioned this before, and knew that it would be quite the task to build a knit nook to the specifications that I was imagining.  I’m not one to outright expect anything to be given to me.  I was brought up with the notion that you do not ask freely for things that you do not need.  Luxuries are to be earned.  I truly value this notion and honor my upbringing, but a girl can talk about what she would love to see materialize someday, right?  Sure.  And talk I did.  And people listened.

 I am now the proud owner of my very own knit nook thanks to the thoughtfulness, craftsmanship, and creativity of my dad and my husband!  These two have been planning and scheming for quite a while about building me a yarn cabinet.  I had absolutely no idea.  Branden had been spending hours at my parents house working with Dad cutting, measuring (twice so as to cut only once  🙂 ), assembling, marking, disassembling, staining, reassembling, all in secret during the school day (I teach.).  For Christmas, I was presented with a scrapbook of pictures by my mom documenting the whole process.  (The cabinet had be left at home since we were spending the holiday out of town.)  The album brought me to tears.  I was floored.  

I love the bookshelf at the top!  The space in the middle of the cabinet also serves as a bookshelf.


  1. Anonymous

    Me too : i teach !!! So can i have one please ????
    Me too, have cheap, middle road-what a kindly expression- and “luxury” balls…
    Lucky girl.
    Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année


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