Greenhorn tips from other knitters!

A few posts ago, I talked about the difficulty with locating your row in a long and convoluted pattern.  I had mentioned that I found that highlighting the row helped me to spot it quickly.  Fortunately I also learned of some other really great ideas to remedy this.

Michelle over at CollegeKnitting says:

“…if it’s something that I think I’ll knit again, or if it’s in book and I haven’t made a copy of it yet, I use the little post-it tabs that are sort of see-through to mark my row. That way there’s nothing permanent, and I can easily look through them if I have to go back. And the sticky part is pretty strong, so you can use them plenty of times!”

Another great tip is to try out the Knit Picks chart keeper which allows you to mark your place with a magnet.  You can find these at the Knit Picks site.

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