Sew sew busy!

So far, the new year has been full of new endeavors.  I am starting some classes to get an endorsement on my teaching license to teach the Gifted and Talented program.  I’m super excited about this!  I am now also the proud owner of a Janome DC 2010 sewing machine!  I have been yearning to learn how to sew ever since my sister in law started making adorable aprons with her sewing machine a few years back.    Her designs inspired me.  Before that I also had the bug to sew, but was intimidated by the prospect.  However, as a knitter I find that anything is possible with needle and thread.  That being said, like knitting, I dove in head first!  In addition to my fantastic knit nook, I created a space for my sewing nook.  I bought these perfect pegboards at Joan’s for my spools of yarn, and used a sewing basket handed down to me from my grandma as a place to store fat quarters of fabrics and such.  A perfect little addition to my craft space!

I am also working on several projects right now that I cannot post just yet.  They are belated gifts to some very special people.  I also tried my hand at designing and designed a cute little headband for my grandma.  She loves narrow headbands, so I figured why not just put one together myself.  It was pretty simple, and it allowed me to get a start on a collection of original designs.  I will be posting the pattern as soon as I’ve given it a few more test drives.  Here is the finished headband.  It’s worked up in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran.

The design is a simple cable with a garter stitch edging that gradually gets a bit wider in the middle.  The simplicity is perfect for my grandma’s taste, but next time I will definitely design a headband with some pizzazz.


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