The Delancey Swatch

I have been so excited to get started with the Delancey Cardigan KAL.  It’s my first and quite a challenging first, but the group of people participating, and the moderator, Allyson over at sweatshopoflove, are so helpful.  What I love the most is that the KAL has been mapped out so that each person is working on the same goal by the end of the week.  This may sound naive, as if that is normal procedure for these things, but either way-I love the support!  I almost feel that working through a KAL is one of the best ways to complete a larger project.  You have so much support and motivation to keep working and not set it aside.  Especially the way it’s been mapped out.  There is plenty of room for life (really though, what else is there?  hehe) as well as other projects you may need to complete.  Such as a cardigan that was supposed to be a Christmas gift. ((blushing))  Anyhow, here are my swatches that do a good job of showing the colors in action.  Stick around.  I will have some WIP pictures up later this week as well as some progress photos of the Iona Toque, which is quite lovely.

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