Off the Needles and Far Away…

I am so happy to hear that my little knitted gifts made it across the pond to my brother and sister in law in Barcelona.  They were a little late for Christmas, but at least they made it.  I’ve been eager to share them since I have very few quick knits going on right now to share.  Photos of Tyler in his tie are courtesy of Jessica Quadra of Jessica Quadra Photography (my sister in law).  They could be JCrew models.  😉

Knit Necktie by Lion Brand

Picholine Hat
I knit the hat in Misti Alpaca Tonos Chunky.  Some of my absolute favorite and Jess loves it because she can wear the hat all day and not have an itchy head.  🙂


  1. Jessica

    love it! ty really looks super modely. as for my hat, i had been folding it once/ cuffing it? but i also just started wearing it without folding it so it covers my ears. i think it looks cute both ways and it gives it a totally different look! thank you again! xoxox


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