introducing…the kick-start project!

Later this month I will be running in a road race 10K  in Boulder City, NV called Running with the Devil. The race is only six miles, but the catch is that it’s in the torrid Mojave Desert in late June.  The average temperature for that time of year is around 110 degrees.  I’ll be running around an 8 min. mile on asphalt.  Ahhh…there’s the rub.  Anyhow, I’ve been preparing for this by getting in my fair share of afternoon runs in the unadulterated calidity.  No easy deal.  When I started however, I needed to kick start my endurance in said heat gradually.  I figured the most effective way to do this was with a short, simple jaunt that will helped to train my body and brain for the challenge.

I’ve realized that this is how I approach a lot of new changes in routine.  Start small-make it easily doable.  You need to have success right from the start to get you into that positive frame of mind.  Sure.  We all know this already, but when it comes to knitting, this is what a lot of people need.  ESPECIALLY ME.  I have a few WIPs waiting for me in my basket, and though I intend on using my new found time to finish them, I feel that a “kick-start” project is in order!  Enter:  my new blog feature.  
As I browse through knitting patterns in books and online, I’ll keep an extra eye peeled for small, simple projects (much like stashbusters) to help kick start any knitters hobby hiatus.  Check back for ideas or send me links to some you may have found that I could post!  
As for my personal kick start project, I’ve chosen the Summer Belt by Andi Satterlund over at Untangling Knots.  This smart little woven belt is a perfect piece to be paired with denim shorts!

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