Not long ago, my sister in law Jessica took on the awesome role of event planner for her sister’s baby shower in July.  She is the perfect person to have plan an event.  As a photographer over at jessicaquadraphotography, she has that special eye, plus she already has a great sense of style.  So the fact that she commissioned me to help make the party favors was rather flattering.  The theme is vintage-handmade and she wanted to have the favors be such.  Of course, because the favors will be handmade by me, they won’t be vintage, but the textile and color will really bring out the desired feel.  Jessica has chosen knit flower corsages as the favors.  I couldn’t love this idea more.  It’s so feminine, soft, and I can make them by hand!  Not to mention, with the cotton yarn I’ve chosen and the colors Jess has chosen, these will have that vintagy style she’s looking for!

Of course, this means that I will have to knit and assemble a slew of flowers and leaves (roughly 35 flowers with two leaves each).  Thankfully, my mom has offered to help with the leaves.  This is great because it simplifies the duty, but also because we get to work on this project together, lending a little piece of us to Jennifer’s (Jessica’s sister’s) baby shower.

The pattern I’ve chosen comes from Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Flowers.  It is the Tea Rose with two large leaves.

This pattern calls for casting on 71 stitches, but to save time, I have edited to pattern to only need 31 stitches cast-on.  I’m also using Lily Sugar and Cream worsted cotton to add the vintage/shabby chic effect.  As for color, Jess sent me a picture of the envelopes being used for the invites and asked for a color similar to the “blossom” pink of the stationary.
Here is what I came up with:
Cute huh?  Now that I’ve had a look at these photos, I’m thinking that I may try sizing down on my needle to get a tighter fabric.  


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