WIP Madness, Aries are good starters, and how I unearthed my #19 circulars.


I am an Aries.  It’s the fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac apparently.  Aries are considered short tempered, enthusiastic, self-oriented, natural leaders, good starters-poor finishers, and magnetic.  Now, I’ve not always subscribed to these ideas of astrologically guided tendencies or traits, but I can’t help but notice that much of what is listed up there actually applies.  I mean, that list is limited.  There are web pages devoted to the astrological signs and pages within devoted to Aries alone, but those few details do a pretty good job of scraping the surface.  The one that really hits me, especially recently is the fact that we Aries are good at starting things, but lousy at finishing them.  This is me to a T.  Let my WIPs speak for themselves here.

Clap if you see baby hands!

You see, when I decided I was going to fire up the old blog again, I realized that it would not be fair to my readers or to myself (or even my husband who is waiting for a few things to finally pop off the needles and on to his head, hands, chest…you get it) to simply abandon the old projects that never saw the limelight of this blog.  I knew I would need to devote some of my knitting time to actually finishing (what a revelation!) some of what I’ve started instead of simply moving on with my Aries ways and getting in over my head with giant patterns and colorwork pipe dreams.  My solution will be to hold myself accountable for reporting on the progress of my WIPs each Wednesday for WIP Wednesday.  Now that I have time to devote to knitting during the week when the little man sleeps, needles will fly.  And speaking of needles…going through all of the WIPs is like finding money in the pockets of your jeans after doing the laundry.  “So that’s where my #19 circulars were all this time!”


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