Tying up loose ends…thanks to sliced bread.

I’m pretty sure someone would do well opening up a business selling household rubbish to crafters.  Let me explain:  my apartment is littered with what would typically be considered garbage being used to simplify and organize my crafts and whatnot.  I have toilet paper rolls holding extension cords together, paper towel rolls holding wrapping paper together, old spaghetti sauce jars full of water and houseplant clippings (not really craft related, but pretty), old coffee cans holding my knitting needles, etc. etc.


After spending an afternoon knitting with my mom, I learned of a new simple hack to make your knitting less fussy.  Enter the next best thing to sliced bread (pun intended-is that even a pun?):

the bread clip

You know?

The little plastic doodad that gets thrown out only to be replaced with the twist and tuck method of keeping your bread fresh?

Yeah.  You know.

Well, since it’s not being used in its intended way, I have a solution.  Thanks to my ma for sharing with me, and the kind ladies at Sin City Knit Shop here in Henderson, Nevada for sharing this little tid-bit with her, we have a way of tying up those pesky long tails at the beginning of our work.

Here’s what you need:

Really, the spray paint is optional, but why not make them cute!


Once you’ve taken the 12 seconds it takes to gild the clips, let them dry, et voila!

little gold bling for your work

breadclip1breadclip 2


Pretty simple!


Cheers folks!

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