WIP Wednesday: Desolation Cable Legwarmers

Early in December, my best friend Lauren and I decided to do a knitalong.  She lives in Orange County (and is cooking delicious meals over here, BTW) and I am here in Henderson so all of our correspondence in regard to the KAL would happen via text and email, or the phone of course (what a thought).  The pattern we chose to knit was the  Desolation Cable Legwarmers by Kathy over at Things Knit.  Something simple, but definitely appropriate for the super cold high-desert days here in Henderson and the chilly damp evenings in the Laguna Hills where Lauren lives.


After completing one legwarmer, I got caught up in Christmas knitting and decorating and preparing for family to visit that I just let the KAL and the legwarmers fall to the wayside.  Well, with the resurrection of the blog and my goal to complete all of my WIPs, I introduce you to my Desolation Legwarmers knit in Araucania Liwen.  The thick-and-thin quality of this yarn gives the legwarmers a nubby texture that is really quite darling.

yarn ball

A few things I did to achieve the desired effect based on the pattern’s image:

  • remove the first two purls in the cable round and the first round of the top cuff
  • in round 1 of the top cuff,  K2, P2 after the K6, P2 so as to maintain the ribbing of the cuff.

Cheers folks!



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