Fringe+chunky cowl=my first pattern

It’s really about time I dabble in some knitwear design and pattern writing.  I’ve been casting-on to all kinds of projects for just over six years now, and I have yet to really design and publish my own pattern.

Clap if you see my spelling genius at work.

I mean, that makes sense though if you think about it.  It takes time to knit your way through enough projects and truly grasp the construction details and how they work together to accomplish a beautiful and wearable piece of knitwear.

fringe collage

I think I’m beginning to understand all of that now and am excited to share my first pattern with you (scroll down for pattern link).  It’s a working pattern, since as I’ve been wearing it around I’ve picked up on things I would do differently, but this pattern as is is gorgeous and definitely gets attention and compliments when you take it out on the town.

fringe collage2

Introducing the Oh, Hello! Cowl:


I’ve been seeing so many cute takes on the handkerchief scarf with fringe lately (like here, here, and here), but nothing really chunky and heavy(like I love so much). I wanted to have a super-bulky cowl that dipped down in the front like a handkerchief scarf, but that almost served the purpose of a chest panel…does that make sense? I’m imagining post-apocalyptic-chic here, not necessarily Boho…you get me–think Katniss Everdeen meets Daenerys Targaryen in her Dothraki days at a Heart concert circa 1977 …


IMG_20160124_105138Makes sense.

So, I grabbed a couple of balls of Lion Brand Thick and Quick in Oatmeal, doubled up on the yarn, and cast-on to a set of size 19’s.  About three episodes of I Love Lucy later, I had a completed cowl.

I really love it!  It is so warm and the funnel-neck really looks great poking out of a cute denim jacket or leather bomber (I’ll post some nicer photos of it on ASAP).

In the meantime, here is the pattern for your consideration:

Oh, hello! Cowl

Happy knitting and cheers Folks!





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