A resolution…and some WIP

Ysolda Teague’s Rose Red in Alfalfa from Foothills Yarn and Fiber

I never sit down and write out New Year’s resolutions.  I know I should.  Just like I know I should write down my goals and finally finish filling in the pages of Aengus’s first year baby book.  These are things that chew at me when I allow myself to think about them.  As for the baby book, I have recorded most of Aengus’s milestones, but with his one year birthday approaching, I know that I really need to take the time to finish it up.

But this post isn’t about the baby book, or my goals (not really, anyway), but it is somewhat about a new resolution.  Not a New Year’s resolution, because it’s almost February, and quite frankly I can’t give myself credit for having really created a true New Year’s resolution.  I’m way late.  And also because this is something that occurred to me a while ago and I never really digested until after becoming a mom.

I’ve realized just how important my character and behavior is now that I have a little sponge watching and absorbing everything I do.

      A Naptime Haiku by Tayler         It’s around noontime,                                                                                              the sweet baby is snoozing-                                                                                                                                                                                                                               a blue car waits patiently.

One of the things I’ve noticed about people lately, myself included, is that we neglect to look people in the eyes when we are briefly interacting with them.  Like when they are checking you out at the grocery store, or opening the door for you, or maybe even warming up your coffee at a diner.  These people are a utility to us in these moments, it would seem.  They serve a purpose and have a function and neither is to bolster conversation or strike up friendship.  Right?

Or is that wrong?

Like, really wrong?

Why do we do that?  Maybe we think that we are distracted and just aren’t taking the time to look up.  But that’s not always the case, is it?  I would argue that most of the time it’s not the case.

making i-cord contact

I would consider myself an introvert.  I like to be with friends socially, but that only goes so far and then I want to retreat back into my own space where I feel most comfortable.  However, strangely, it is pretty easy for me to strike up a random conversation with a complete stranger.  Maybe it’s because they are strangers.  Who knows?  But this makes me think that these brief interactions we have with people ought to be considered possible opportunities.  We should make an effort to clearly and plainly look into the eyes of strangers almost as a way to say, “I’m here, I’m breathing, I see you.”  So, I am going to make a serious effort, and we all should make a concerted one, to look people in the eyes.  Even for just a small moment.  Why not share a glance, even if it’s only a way to confirm that we are still human under all of our tech exterior and filtered out appearance.

>>>making eye contact<<<





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