Hello You!  Welcome to February!  It’s crazy how fast January slips through our fingers.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s gone before we know it because we tend to will it by.  Like we know the holidays are over and spring is laying in wait to warm us from out winter chill and we just want to get a move on already.  That’s how I see it.  I don’t think much of January.  It’s cold and dreary and serves as a harsh reminder that reality is back in session.

However…it is a fresh start.  A clean slate.  I’ll give it that.

And if January is a clean slate, February may be the first opportunity to erase and rework the first marks on that slate, and so on and so forth all throughout the year….

So here’s to the modification that begins after the first mark we make in our fresh and blank pages-that which we do throughout our year.  >>clink<<

For me, this means modifying the Oh hello! Fringed Cowl …


After wearing the cowl around a bit, I began to notice some things that needed adjusting to improve comfort and wearability.  The first being the narrow width of the cowl running along the nape of the neck.


Because the whole cowl is knit in stockinette, its edge rolls–which is what I intended with this design.  However, because the nape portion of the cowl is so narrow, it almost seems to disappear as the edge rolls in.  I started to imagine it with a tall nape and a more rolled front edge.  Imagine a cape collar that sits higher in the back than in the front.

Too much in the back?  Maybe. 😉

The only way I could think to achieve less roll would be to add a ribbed or some other edging to the top of the cowl, but I just didn’t want to lose the roll completely.  I ended up knitting the new version with a column of seed stitch (next time I would do garter stitch here–less busy) that drops down the nape and onto the middle-upper back as it tapers into a squared-off point.

(My guitar works as a great mannequin for cowls!)

This seed stitch column keeps the back edge standing and allows the rest of the front and side edge to roll a bit giving that high-low effect.  I also added an extra inch to the height of the cowl because…well, more height, more drama

et voila!

Like a mentioned before, I think I would adjust this further to include garter stitch rather than seed for the back column.  I think it would look a bit less busy—but I like the seed stitch as well.  I don’t know…decisions decisions.


Well, friends, here’s to clean slates, first marks, and fresh erasure.

And the beat goes on…

May we never truly stop modifying…

For when that happens, what is left?




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